HP EliteBook 2540p Notebook PC Overheating

Reasons behind overheating of HP EliteBook 2540p Notebook PC

HP EliteBook 2540p Notebook PC is one of the most reliable HP® laptops that you could find these days. However, even the best hardware might start to malfunction, usually because of improper using and maintenance. One of the most serious problems that you might have is the HP EliteBook 2540p Notebook PC overheating.

Some of the most common reasons for this problem might be:

  • Environmental issues
  • Cooler malfunctioning
  • Driver conflicts
  • Demanding software
  • Over clocking

Environmental issues

If you don’t want to have the HP EliteBook 2540p Notebook PC overheating problem, you must be certain you are using it properly. It is important to keep your laptop in a cool environment and away from any heating source. If this is not possible, try to place an external fan pointed at your computer. Find a dedicated cooler for the graphic card in HP EliteBook 2540p Notebook PC and main source if you think this solution is not elegant. BIOS will shut down automatically if your video card or any component gets overheated, so be sure to check the emplacement of your laptop if this happens.

Cooler malfunctioning

The cooler fan might be obstructed by a wire or dust. This will cause your laptop to shut down immediately so check if that is the cause afterwards. Dusting is also required as a prevention method so be sure to perform it from time to time. Use soft materials for that and try not to force the fans while doing this.

Driver conflicts

This is the most common cause of your HP EliteBook 2540p Notebook PC overheating especially if you have installed a new hardware connected to it. Check the driver’s compatibility before purchasing a new component and ask your manufacturer for a new driver if you need to.

Demanding software

Games are for desktop computers and laptops are designed for other tasks. You might play a high demanding PC game on your laptop, but this could lead to HP EliteBook 2540p Notebook PC overheating. If you do not want to renounce your favorite game, at least set it on minimum requirements or purchase a powerful cooler especially for the graphic card. In addition, the daily maintenance tasks can use many computer resources leading to overheated components. Use less demanding antivirus to prevent this problem and try to find programs specially designed for your laptop.

Over clocking

Over clocking will provide you with enhanced laptop performance but it will damage your computer permanently. If you perform this process, you will be sure your laptop can’t be used for more than one year. Several months after the over clocking, your HP EliteBook 2540p Notebook PC components will begin to overheat. As the clocking process is not reversible, you can’t do anything about it. Just be sure about the moment chosen for the over clocking process and think if better performances for a while are more important than your laptop.

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