Dell® Inspiron® 537s Recovery Partition

Do you encounter recovery partition issues with your Dell® Inspiron® 537s  laptop?

Dell® Inspiron® 537s  is a new personal laptop from Dell®. It is available in eight vibrant colors and comes with enhanced features and options. Dell® Inspiron® 537s performs well and has the capacity to play 3D unlike most its predecessors and it has plenty of room for upgrades. It has advanced high definition view that allows excellent cinematic view and connectivity to a high-definition monitor or TV with an added incentive of HDMI output port. Dell® Inspiron® 537s runs on an Intel® Pentium® dual-core E5300 processor and has a storage capacity of 500GB on a SATA Hard Drive. The default operating system on Dell® Inspiron® 537s is Windows® 7 Home Premium, 64bit and it also includes a VGA port and cable, integrated 5.1 channel audio and a 16X DVD+/-RW Drive.

The following are the top three recovery partition issues in Dell® Inspiron® 537s  and tips on how to resolve them:

  • Non performing mouse
  • Reformatted drive
  • Corrupt partition

Non performing mouse

When you purchase your Dell® Inspiron® 537s, it comes with a recovery partition which you can readily access using the Ctrl+F11 keys upon boot up. When you enter this combination of keys, the system automatically gives you two options which you need to select using the mouse. In some cases, the mouse may not work and thus you will not be able to select any of the option. In this case, the most probable reason is that the mouse drivers may not be installed. You may resolve this by using a PS2 keyboard if it is compatible or use the tab keys to select the choice and then press the space bar to choose your option. 

Reformatted drive

If for some reason you have formatted the hard drive, then there are chances that you might lose your partitions on Dell® Inspiron® 537s. Formatting erases all the content saved on the drive and thus the important files and documents can get deleted from the drive, So, it is essential to take a backup of all files, documents, etc. before reformatting the hard drive.

Corrupt partition

A corrupt partition can be caused by a number of things. It usually occurs because of accidental or malicious deletion of files. The simplest tip to resolve this issue is to use the recovery disk that is created when you are setting up the system. If you can still access Windows® then you can use the system restore feature. Furthermore, you should make sure that the partition is not corrupted or infected.

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