Dell Studio XPS® 16 Recovery Partition

Recovery partition issues in Dell Studio XPS® 16

Problems in Dell Studio XPS® 16 may be because of various reasons. Upgrading operating system is one of them. Dell Studio XPS® 16 comes with a built-in recovery partition to assist you in recovering your computer with the default factory settings. It ensures quick restoration of your system.

Here, we will discuss about the recovery partition of Dell Studio XPS® 16

  • Issues with Recovery Partition in Dell Studio XPS® 16
  • Tips to deal with the issues
  • How can experts from HelpGurus help?

Issues with Recovery Partition in Dell Studio XPS® 16

To access the recovery partition, you need to press F8 button once you boot the computer and the Dell® logo appears. One of the common issues is the accessibility to the recovery partition. Upgrading the operating system from Windows Vista® to Windows® 7 may have caused the master boot record to be changed. Moreover, it may also have stopped the F8 functionality. If either of these happens, you will not be able to access the recovery partition of Studio XPS® 16.

Tips to deal with the issues

If the function F8 button works, you can press the button as soon as the Dell® logo appears. From the screen choose 'Advanced Boot Options' and select 'Repair Your Computer' using arrow keys. Then you can login using administrator password and restore your PC by following the prompts. Alternatively, if the F8 button does not work, you can access the recovery process through Backup DVD disks of the Dell® Studio computer. You can request for such a DVD from Dell®. Once you put the DVD in the drive and start PC, you can boot the computer from DVD. Once the installation screen appears, you can select the repair option from the lower left corner of the screen. Either way, it is a good idea to back up your data before you start the recovery process. You can do that from 'Control Panel' by selecting 'Back Up and Restore Center' of 'System and Maintenance'. It is also suggested to remove any non-essential accessories part, like printer, scanner etc.

How can experts from HelpGurus help?

Recovery of your computer from damage is extremely important and at the same time requires very high technical know-how. It involves working with core operating system functionality. Any wrong step may hamper the data and your work in your computer. While you can have a back up, making your computer work through a prompt recovery process is more appropriate solution. Therefore, if possible, it is always a good idea to take a help from the expert. HelpGurus is an online and remote tech support for general consumers and small business. HelpGurus is an expert in Microsoft® software. Its technicians are certified and experienced with Dell Studio XPS® 16 system. HelpGurus offers 24 hours support in each day of the year for any issue on Dell® Studio systems. It also offers multi-lingual support.

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